Life Management

Life Management

$ 3000

Why is it so great?

Life Management

Introspection Levels

Users can input there life events and track there progress on the things they need to work on

Reporting & Analysis

Users get an insight of there progress on various aspects on life and there success on reaching the goals


Users can chat with other users synced on there contact list

Discussion Forum

Users can discuss, like & comment on topics posted

Why is it so great?

Affiliate Network

System is integrated with online shopping sites to suggest relevant products to users


System specified quizes can be taken by the users

Push Notifications

Admin can send push notifications to targeted users

News & Updates

Admin can publish relevant information ,motivational videos and quotes for the users

Social Sharing

Users can share there success stories on there social media walls

Email & SMS integration

System is integrated with e-mail and SMS system

Technology Stack

Implementing all the ground breaking technologies, for delivering a product that speaks by itself for its users.

Cake PHP 3
MySql Server
Amazon Web Services